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Patent Applications – by Registered Patent Agent

The United States, Canada and world wide.

Patents protect your invention and maximize the value of your R&D expenses.  Only a registered patent agent is qualified to prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in the patent office.

The Patent Process - From Application to Grant

Patent applications are specialized legal documents that are often difficult and complex to prepare.  It takes years of experience to understand how to write a good patent application that will adequately protect an invention.  But the patent process does not end with the application.  After filing, it can take anywhere from 18 to 48 months to process the patent application through the patent office.  During that time, the application will be vetted and challenged by the patent office.  The patent office will raise any issues they find, often requiring amendments to be made to the application.  Oftentimes, the patent office will reject all or part of a patent application, requiring the patent agent to either amend the application or submit arguments as to why a patent should be granted on the application.  It takes years of experience to respond fully to a detailed office action from the patent office. 

Elias Borges, our patent agent, has been writing and processing patent applications for over 24 years and has all the experience required to get the job done.  He is registered with both the Canadian and the United States patent offices. He also has a world wide network of associates allowing him to file and process patent applications in nearly every country.

Contact us for a consultation concerning your patent. We also offer high-calibre assistance with other intellectual property matters, including trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, and copyrights.

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