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Elias Borges - Registered Patent Agent in Toronto:

Elias Borges

Elias Borges  has been practising patent law for over 25 years.  He practices exclusively in the area of patents, trade-marks, industrial designs and copyright.  He is a registered patent and trademark agent in Canada and the United States.

Elias obtained his LL.B. degree from the U of T Law school in 1987 and became a lawyer in 1989.

Elias obtained a B.Sc. (Chemistry) from U of T in 1984.

Elias worked as a patent lawyer in privat practice for several years before becoming the in-house patent lawyer and corporate secretary for Ontario Hydro Technologies - one of Canada's largest technology companies at the time.  In 1998, he became the Director of Intellectual Property for Husky Injection Molding systems, one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world.

Elias has written patents in the fields of information technologies, web enabled technologies, plastics, metallurgy, biochemistry, chemistry, mechanics, computer software, industrial processing, construction, medical technology and electric power.

Elias has also been an active trademark lawyer for years, helping clients protect their marks and logos.

In addition to being a lawyer and registered patent and trademark agent, Elias describes himself as a "computer geek", "technology geek" and closet inventor.


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